Various Artists - Il Est Cinq Heures Kingston S’Eveille… 02 (Makasound)

With the release of 'Il Est Cinq Heures Kingston S’Eveille.

Jimmy Radway & The Fe Me Time All Stars - Dub I (Pressure Sounds)

Lately Pressure Sounds seems to have developed a preference for obscure and more obscure work.

Anthony B - Life Over Death (Born Fire Music)

The release of this new Anthony B album has already caused quite a stir; not because of the extreme content or innovative musical trends, but because of the dispute that threatened to emerge with the Greensleeves label, who were also on the verge of releasing a new Anthony B album.

Fantan Mojah - Stronger (Greensleeves)

After his well received 2005 debut effort, 'Hail The King', Fantan Mojah, the imposing singjay with his inseparable backpack, went suspiciously quiet again.

Gyptian - I Can Feel Your Pain (VP Records)

Yours truly started listening to this new Gyptian album with some caution; we didn't really digest his debut effort too well, describing it as "mellifluous" and "something for the ladies".

Perfect Giddimani - Born Dead With Life (Irievibrations Records/Grooveattack/Nocturne)

When talking about this new Perfect album, one can't go past the beautiful sleeve design; this piece of art, that covers just about a century of African-American history, was designed by Austrian illustrator and tattoo artist Franke and the album itself, produced by Irievibrations Records, is also of Austrian origin.

Augustus Pablo - The Mystic World Of Augustus Pablo: The Rockers Story (Shanachie)

With a beautiful 4 CD + DVD box the Shanachie label delivers us the last will and testament of Horace Swaby.

Beres Hammond - A Moment In Time (VP Records)

What to say about this new Beres Hammond album? Once again 'A Moment In Time' carries Hammond's lovers rock quality label, but this time reggae purists might turn up their nose, because at times Beres sounds commercial and poppy and other songs are very r&b and soul flavored.

Alpha Wess - Le Choc Des Cultures (Makasound)

Makasound firmly keeps its focus on Africa. After releases by, among others, Takana Zion and Manjul, they are now introducing Alpha Wess.

Faya Horns - Faya Horns meet Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa (Makasound)

For those not familiar with Faya Horns, this is a project started by Eric 'Rico' Gaultier (sax & flute) and Thomas Henning (trombone).

Various Artists - George Phang, Powerhouse Selector’s Choice Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 (17 North Parade/VP Records)

After Jammy's it's now the output of George Phang's Powerhouse label that is the subject of a four-part double CD series.

Tu Shung Peng - Trouble Time (Makasound)

Roots lovers have known it to be true for a while now: there seems to be something in the air in France, because the country is overflowing with average to really excellent sounding reggae formations.

Alborosie - Soul Pirate (Forward Recordings/Rubikon/Beaver Music)

Alborosie's debut effort 'Soul Pirate' deserves the trophy for most anticipated album of 2008.

Sebastian Sturm - One Moment In Peace (Rootdown Records)

'One Moment In Peace' is in every regard (both in terms of style and content as in sleeve design) a logical sequel to Sturm's debut effort 'This Change Is Nice'.

Lukie D - Here I Am (Cousins)

With 'Here I Am' Lukie D offers another thoroughly delightful album and for yours truly it remains a mystery why he remains somewhat undervalued as an artist.

Dub Colossus - In A Town Called Addis (Real World Records)

'In A Town Called Addis' finally fills a gap in the Real World catalog, the label offering until now music from just about every region in Africa except Ethiopia, something that became painfully clear when for the soundtrack of 'Long Way Down' in the episode featuring a ride through Ethiopia, Somali music by Maryam Mursal was used.

Fanfare Ciocarlia - Queens And Kings + Oana Catalina Chitu - Bucharest Tango + La Cherga - Fake No More (Asphalt Tango Records)

In our search for the crème de la crème of Gypsy music Berlin Asphalt Tango Records couldn't be overlooked and yours truly is delighted now also being able to present their productions.

Gangbe Brass Band - Assiko (Contre Jour)

Where Benin is concerned the musical knowledge of yours truly limited itself to the work of Angelique Kidjo, until now that is, as we just discovered Gangbe Brass Band.

Chiwoniso - Rebel Woman (Cumbancha)

The mbira or thumb piano can be considered to be the national instrument of Zimbabwe and Chiwoniso is the absolute queen of the genre.

Figli Di Madre Ignota - Fez Club (Eastblok Music)

Yours truly continues to ride the Balkan express and this time it took us to Milan in the North of Italy, where we found the motley crew of Figli Di Madre Ignota.