Ragga Yves & Arky Starch - Give It A Walk EP (Self-published)

Arky Starch keeps turning out releases at a steady pace... A first EP in August of this year, a few months later followed by a full-length album, and singles by Micky B and Ragga Yves. With the latter, Starch already recorded the COVID-19 anthem 'Wash Your Hands' in November of this year, now followed by this 6 track 'Give It A Walk' EP.

Dub Inc - Acoustic (Diversité)

During their international tours, the members of Dub Inc always make the effort to give one of their songs an acoustic makeover. In 2017, the French band also started filming those acoustic street sessions and post the clips on their YouTube channel. The videos were such a success that Dub Inc now also wanted to collect the acoustic versions of those songs on one album, resulting in 'Acoustic'.

TravelerZ - Among The Stars EP (Culture Dub Records)

TravelerZ, a French trio that is the sum of producer Synthetic One and vocalist siblings Thomas and Janiss Anton, already recorded a number of collaborations with Tours based ODG or Original Dub Gathering, but for this 3 track 'Among The Stars' EP, joined forces with Culture Dub Records from Poitiers.

R-Juna - Rockers Dub (Dub-O-Phonic)

As was the case in 2019, Dub-O-Phonic concludes 2020 with a release from American DJ and MC Roy Waterford aka R-Juna.

Double Tiger - The Journey (Easy Star Records)

We still vividly remember 'Sharp & Ready', Jay Spaker aka Double Tiger's 2017 solo debut, as one of the absolute revelations of that year. However, in the meantime a lot has changed in Double Tiger's life and this aptly titled 'The Journey' sounds remarkably different from its predecessor.

Brain Holidays - Jamaican Connection (Dallas Records)

Yours truly got to know Croatian Brain Holidays in 2018, thanks to the release of their 'System Error' album. The Croatians now return with 'Jamaican Connection', a title referring to a long-cherished dream of the band members which finally became a reality earlier this year: performing and recording in the home country of reggae, Jamaica!

Raszor Brankata & Good Over Evil - Courage (Good Over Evil Prod.)

Thanks to Sista Livity & Sista Moni's 'Only Love' album, we already got a first taste of the production work of the Spanish Roquetes-based Good Over Evil a few months ago, and for 'Courage' they now joined forces with Raszor Brankata, a Swiss based Ghanaian.

Little Kev - Made In Chez Moi EP (Self-published)

Although Kevin Tranché aka Little Kev, hailing from Bauvin near Lille, has been active in the French reggae circuit since 2012, he is only now presenting this 7 track 'Made In Chez Moi' EP.

Jon Moon - Brighter Day EP (Yutman Records)

Yours truly got to know Berliner Jon Moon in 2018 thanks to the release of his full-length debut 'Trust'. Moon now returns with this 'Brighter Day' EP.

Macka B - Gentrification EP (Peckings)

Five years after recording the excellent 'Never Played A 45' for Peckings - as far as yours truly is concerned, still an absolute highlight in the man's extensive discography - British veteran Macka B returns to the label for this 'Gentrification' EP.

The Late Ones - Lately EP (Easy Star Records)

Their debut EP, 2015's 'Revelate', unfortunately never reached us, but thanks to Easy Star Records we can now introduce you to The Late Ones, a trio with mixed Samoan-Afro-American roots, like labelmates New Kingston, consisting of members of the same family.

Mercy & Friends - Sound System To The Top (Culture Dub Records)

'Sound System To The Top' is a solo project by Mercy, selector with Bhale Bacce Crew, a sound system collective from Chartres, in France.

Dubstation - At Rub-A-Dub School (Hills View Music)

With 'At Rub-A-Dub School', French sound engineer and beatmaker Ben Dubstation wanted to attempt a return to the authentic rub-a-dub sound of the 1980s.

Subatomic Sound System & Screechy Dan - Babylon Soon Fall EP (Self-published)

Yours truly got to know New York-based Subatomic Sound System back in 2017 thanks to the release of 'Super Ape Returns To Conquer', their more than excellent collaboration with Lee 'Scratch' Perry. For this 'Babylon Soon Fall' EP, producer Emch joined forces with Jamaican veteran Robert 'Screechy Dan' Stephens, also based in New York.

Ayom - Ayom (Amplifica Records)

Formed in Barcelona back in 2018, the six-piece Ayom, a band with members from Angola, Brazil, Greece and Italy, presents its full-length debut with this self-titled album, recorded during a two-week recording session at the estate of a Portuguese wine farmer.

Ze-Ion - Path To The Heart EP (Rebel Sound Records)

Ze-Ion is the pseudonym of Joseph Zizzo, a singer-songwriter from Lake Zurich near Chicago.

Dean Fraser - Nyabingi Christmas (Tad's Record)

If, despite everything, you're still in search of some Christmas spirit, look no further because saxophone veteran Dean Fraser is ready to treat you to a 'Nyabinghi Christmas'.

Arky Starch - Soul Sensi (Dub-O-Phonic)

Things are moving fast for Arky Starch, as barely three months after picking up his bass guitar again and starting to play around on his computer for debut EP 'Dub Faith', he's already presenting this full-fledged 'Soul Sensi' album.

Mystically - Iration (Kalaloo Production)

The story of Mystically starts in 2007, when three singers from two different bands found each other after a concert aboard the Guinguette Pirate, a Parisian concert boat disguised as a pirate ship.

Cosmic Shuffling - Magic Rocket Ship (Fruits Records)

A few months after we introduced you - albeit twenty years after the facts - to Open Season, the veterans of the Swiss ska and rocksteady scene, we now turn to Cosmic Shuffling, a six-piece band from Geneva, with 'Magic Rocket Ship' presenting a first full-length album.