Ione Angeles - Inna Word EP (Rebel Sound Records)

This seven track 'Inna Word' EP is the beginning of what should hopefully become a fruitful collaboration between Rebel Sound Records and Oakley, California based singer Ione Angeles.

The Zebulonites - The Zebulonites EP (Rebel Sound Records)

This self-titled 'The Zebulonites' EP is the first calling card by the five-piece reggae band of the same name hailing from Long Beach, Long Island.

Black Flower - Future Flora (Sdban Records/N.E.W.S.)

After their collaboration with Dijf Sanders and last year's aptly titled interim EP 'Intermediate State', Black Flower returns with a new long player.

Various Artists - Inna De Yard (Chapter Two Records/Wagram)

On July 10th, a documentary by Peter Webber on the Inna De Yard project will be released, and we got the distinct impression we should rather consider this new Inna De Yard album as the soundtrack of that film.

The Roots Ark - Awake (Kan Ahau Records)

The Roots Ark, a project started in 2016 from the collaboration of French composer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Dandelot with a number of musicians who earned their spurs in the jazz scene.

Balaklava Blues - Fly (Self-published)

'Fly' is the long-player debut of Balaklava Blues, consisting of musical couple Mark and Marichka Marczyk.

Filentre - Inou Wali (Self-published/Dibyz Music)

Filentre is a reggae artist from Montpellier in the south of France, but for 'Inou Wali' he took to Manjul's Humble Ark studio in Bamako, where he was joined by the musicians of Ivorian band Siman Roots.

Halva - The Sweetest Klezmer Orchestra (Galileo)

'The Sweetest Klezmer Orchestra' the long player debut of Halva, a six-piece klezmer project around Belgian violinist Nicolaas Cottenie, for which he went in search of the musical links between traditional klezmer and the influences of local cultures in countries like Greece, Hungary, Ukraine and Turkey.

Hermit Dubz - Pursuit Of Balance EP (Dub-O-Phonic)

With this 'Pursuit Of Balance' EP, Hermit Dubz, operating from his Hermit Cave studios in Birmingham, serves us four new instrumentals and as many solid dub-versions.

Babelsouk - La Clé (Self-published)

With 'La Clé', Walloon band Babelsouk provides us with an excellent sequel to their 2016 debut effort 'Charlykingston'.

Camel's Drop - We Nah Gonna Wait (Self-published)

There certainly hasn't been any shortage of new Belgian reggae projects lately. Camel's Drop is a band around bass player Wim 'Fadda' Stevens, his two sons Roel 'Sticksman' Stevens and Polle 'Docta Riddim' Stevens, supplemented with vocalists Dhazed Fyah, Skyblasters veteran Prince Far Out and Dora 'Little Miss Sweets' Turay, with 'We Nah Gonna Wait' presenting a first album.

Koffee - Rapture EP (Columbia/Sony Music)

We don't have to think long about the most anticipated reggae release of 2019. At the beginning of last year Mikayla Simpson, better known as Koffee, blasted on the reggae scene like an unstoppable meteor with 'Raggamuffin', and now there's finally this first five track EP.

Click Here - Play It Again (No Fridge)

The Balkan hype has been behind us for a few years now, but now and again some highly original experiments with the genre still surface.

Almamegretta - In Spiritus Dub (Echo Beach)

With 'In Spiritus Dub' by Neapolitan band Almamegretta we're serving you another healthy dose of highly original Italian dub.

Terra Livre - Seeds, Roots, Flowers And Fruits (Self-published)

Climate activists who're still looking for the ideal soundtrack to liven up their protests, we can highly recommend 'Seeds, Roots, Flowers And Fruits' by the Portuguese Terra Livre.

Rumbaristas - Rumbaristas (Via Lactea Records)

With Rumbaristas, Willy Fuego (Amparanoia, La Kinky Beat), Thomas 'Don Tomasino' Morzewski (Orchestre International du Vetex) and Roel Poriau and Thomas de Smet (Think of One), created a European mestizo supergroup.

Danny I - Life Is In The Blood (I Grade Records)

'Life Is In The Blood' is already Danny I's third album for I Grade Records producer Laurent 'Tippy I' Alfred, but was our first real introduction to the work of this Christiansted, US Virgin Islands born vocalist.

Dub Colossus - Dr Strangedub, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Dub The Bomb (Echomaster)

Dub Colossus, Nick 'Dubulah' Page's pet project, had gone quiet in recent years. For serious reasons it seems: Page had to deal with serious health issues and furthermore decided to finance the new album himself by setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

Various Artists - Two Tribes (Agogo Records)

With this 'Two Tribes' compilation, Tobi Kirsch and Ubbo Gronewold want to give insight into how European musicians are incorporating musical traditions, especially those from the African continent, into their oeuvre these days.

Various Artists - Reggae Mandela (VP Records)

There isn't a music genre around which paid more attention to criticizing the racist and inhuman apartheid regime in South Africa than reggae!