Rashani - What They Want From Me (Z Records/Self-published)

We'd preferred to be able to offer you a lot of information on Rashani, but more than the fact this do-it-yourselfer hails from Grenada and is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, we could unfortunately not uncover.

William White - Open Country & Open Country Live (Galileo Music/Self-published)

William White is a Barbadian who's been living and working in Switzerland for several years now, where he's managed to make a nice name for himself.

Edwin Sanz - San Agustin (Alex Wilson Records)

Percussionist Edwin Sanz was born in the Venezuelan capital Caracas and started his career as a dancer with the Afro-Venezuelan company Grupo Madera.

Various Artists - Reggae Loves Africa (VP Records)

The African continent and reggae have been intertwined in an almost symbiotic relationship that has been going on since the birth of the genre and with the aptly titled 'Reggae Loves Africa' the VP label now devotes an entire compilation to the theme.

Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics - Jaiyede Afro (Strut Records)

With the reissue of his legendary 1966 'Super Afro Soul' album Strut Records already revived Orlando Julius' career back in 2000, and the label now also presents 'Jaiyede Afro', a collaboration with London based band The Heliocentrics.

Meridian Brothers - Salvadora Robot (Soundway Records)

For their trippy 2012 release 'Desesperanza', Meridian Brothers, the project around Eblis Alvarez, mostly opted for salsa rhythms, but for successor 'Salvadora Robot' for each track another Latin American genre - from Dominican merengue for 'Somos Los Residentes', over something reminiscent of Peruvian chicha for the instrumental 'El Gran Pajaro De Los Andes', to reggaeton for 'Baile Ultimo'- was explored.

Zacheous Jackson - The Truth Shall Be Told (Red Ground Jamaica Music/Rumble Rock Recordz)

'The Truth Shall Be Told' is the debut album of Zacheous Jackson, a Londoner with Jamaican roots.

High Times - Fins Que Sorti El Sol + Van De Ramah - Nuestra Arma (Kasba Music)

No mestizo on these two Kasba Music releases for a change, but Catalan ska and reggae from Murcia.

Sally Nyolo - Tiger Run (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

After 'Studio Cameroon' from 2006, 'Tiger Run' is Sally Nyolo's second album for the Riverboat Records label.

Chris Toppa - Connected (Boomrush Productions)

Christian Hankammer aka Chris Toppa is the latest reggae revelation from Germany.

418 Band - Midnight Caller (Self-published)

With musicians from Antigua, Dominica and Jamaica in its ranks, American 418 Band is an almost perfect embodiment of the Caribbean, something which is also reflected in the repertoire of the band, a mix of soca, reggae, dancehall, cadence and zouk.

Sasha Dias - Break Free (Fox Fuse)

Jamaican-American Sasha Dias is the granddaughter of Winston Dias, who rose to fame as a member of The Movers, scoring a ska-hit in the 1960s with 'Sercy Tea'.

Martei Korley - Kingston Confidential (Kassamara/Self-published)

To many the life of Danish-Ghanaian Martei Korley will sound like a dream.

Da Fuchaman - Rasta Will Be There EP (Reggae Livication Records)

Da Fuchaman is the alter ego of Zemroy Thomas, a Jamaican singjay from Saint Ann singjay currently based in Bristol in the UK.

Three Little Birds - Three Little Birds EP (Dubkey) + Various Artists - Dub Vibrations 1 & 2 (Reggaedub.be)

Even though 'Dub Vibrations 1 & 2' and the 'Three Little Birds' EP aren't really related, both releases show striking similarities in terms of content and the philosophy of the labels behind them, Maltese Dubkey and Belgian Reggaedub.

Flavia Coelho - Mundo Meu (Discograph)

Yours truly has never cared much for football and in that light the World Cup circus in Brazil doesn't excite us at all, but does provide us with the perfect excuse to keep on showering you with Brazilian releases.

Black Slate - World Citizen (Unit 8 Records)

Even though we've seen little sign of it in Belgium (caused by organizers unwilling to leave their comfort zone), in the United Kingdom a roots revival has been under way for several years now, giving bands like Black Roots, Capital Letters and Black Slate a second life.

Dub Colossus - Addis To Omega (Echomaster/Independent Records Ltd)

After the break with Real World Records (this new album appears on Dubulah's own Echomaster label and is distributed by Independent Records Ltd) musically Nick Page also seems to have steered Dub Colossus in a different direction.

Yabby You - Deeper Roots Part 2 (Pressure Sounds)

For the track list of the sequel to their 2012 compilation 'Deeper Roots: Dub Plates And Rareties 1976-1978', Pressure Sounds seems to have opted for some of the better instrumentals and dub versions from Yabby You's catalog.

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble - Life No Get Dublicate (Slow Walk Music)

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble is the brainchild of Aaron Feder a guitarist from Chicago.