Fofoulah - Fofoulah (Glitterbeat Records)

Glitterbeat Records continues to surprise us with original projects and Fofoulah ("it is there" in Wolof), a London based quintet, definitely fits that description.

Ras Muhamad - Salam (Oneness Records)

Ras Muhamad (born Muhamad Egar) is Indonesia's self-proclaimed reggae ambassador.

Ras Pilot - Keep The Faith (Heat Of The Tropics Music/Self-published)

Ras Pilot was born in Trinidad as Everard Sealy and initially earned a living running his own clothing store Brands Galore (grown into a small chain of five stores in Trinidad and Tobago).

Burnt - Headlamp (Self-published)

The American reggae scene is still in full expansion, making it ever harder to keep up with new bands sprouting up all over the place.

Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft - Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft (Ammonite Records)

Nemanja Kojić, better known by his stage name Hornsman Coyote, is a Serbian trombonist and vocalist.

Zion Train - Money EP (Universal Egg)

In anticipation of a forthcoming album, scheduled for release later this year, Neil Perch offers Zion Train this four track 'Money' EP.

Simo Lagnawi - The Gnawa Berber (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

'The Gnawa Berber' is the sophomore album by Simo Lagnawi, a Moroccan Berber based in London.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Nu School Of Dub, Arranged by Dubblestandart & Robo Bass Hifi (Echo Beach)

Once every so often, the Echo Beach label has one of their releases remixed (see also DubXanne's 'Police In Dub') and in the case of 'Nu School Of Dub', 'Return From Planet Dub', a 2009 collaboration between Dubblestandart, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and the late Ari Up, was revamped by Robo Bass Hifi (the alter ego of producer Markus Kammann), who gave the original album a serious makeover full of dubstep, jungle and other "bass driven" music.

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - The Kings Book (Oneness Records)

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal's fourth long player was recorded in collaboration with German Oneness Records, the label in the past already offering us releases by, among others, Mark Wonder and Naptali, and as far as yours truly is concerned 'The Kings Book' is the Jamaican duo's best effort since their 2008 debut 'Highest Grade' (Heartbeat Europe).

Various Artists - Gussie presenting The Right Tracks (17 North Parade/VP Records)

'Gussie presenting The Right Tracks' is a deluxe reissue of the eponymous compilation album Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke released on his own Gussie label in 1976 that (in Europe distributed by Cactus and Creole Records).

Rapha Pico - Roots EP (Self-published)

Raphael Pocorni is the son of Martinican singer and musician Djeynah Delbety, but among Benelux reggae aficionados he's probably better known as Rapha Pico.

Animo - Morning Light EP (Roots Musician Records)

'Morning Light' is the recording debut of Animo, an American rock band from Santa Cruz, California.

Cumbia All Stars - Tigres En Fuga (World Village/Harmonia Mundi)

Both Colombia and Peru have a rich cumbia-tradition, but where in Colombia, horns and accordion are most predominant, in Peru, where the genre is better known as chicha, it's the sound of the surf-guitar.

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Amid The Noise And Haste (ATO Records)

Judging from the guest list of 'Amid The Noise And Haste' (Collie Buddz, J Boog, Michael Franti and, above all, Damian Marley), SOJA finally seems to have made it to the top of the reggae scene.

Clear Conscience - Captain EP (Roots Musician Records)

Clear Conscience is an American band from San Francisco mixing reggae with influences from rock and hip-hop.

Leilani Wolfgramm - Rebel (Roots Musician Records)

After releasing Hirie's self-titled debut album, Roots Musician Records label is now also presenting 'Rebel', the debut effort of Leilani Wolfgramm, a singer of Tongan descent hailing from Orlando, Florida.

Gonzo - Red (Roots Musician Records)

Ryan Gonzales aka Gonzo might be best known as the guitarist for American reggae band Tribal Seeds, but with 'Red' he's already releasing his second solo project.

Don Goliath - Calling On Jah (Dubkey)

Lars Brachmann aka Don Goliath is a resident of Cologne who's already been involved with reggae since the age of fifteen; first as a member of Road To Zion and later under the name Sir Larsie I.

Martin Zobel & Soulrise - Inspiration EP (Irievibration Records)

In anticipation of his next album, 'Keep Planting Seeds', and to highlight the crowdfunding campaign started to finance its production, Martin Zobel & Soulrise are offering this four track 'Inspiration' EP as a free download.

Talisman - I-Surrection Oldwah Deconstruction (Sugar Shack Records)

Just as for Black Roots' 'On The Ground' album, the Sugar Shack Records label also signed off on a dub version of Talisman's 'I-Surrection'.