Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Blitzmash (Vetnasj Records) + Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra - Imbarca (Satélite K)

The first thing one notices about 'Blitzmash', Amsterdam Klezmer Band's eleventh album to date, is the huge number of guests the band asked to participate on this album.

Nilza Costa - Revolution, Rivoluzione, Revolução (Fonofabrique/Studiosoundlab)

Nilza Costa is a Brazilian from Ondina near Salvador, Bahia, who'se been living in the Italian city of Bologna since 2006.

Chancha Via Circuito - Amansara (Crammed Discs)

Chancha Via Circuito is the alter ego of Argentine producer Pedro Canale who, in his music, fuses electro with influences from Brazilian rhythms, Paraguayan harp music ('Sueño En Paraguay') and Argentine folklore.

Don Goliath - Steppers To The World Vol. 1 & 2 (Steppers Division Recordings/Self-published)

Fans of the productions by Don Goliath are probably jumping for joy, because the last couple of weeks the Cologne based producer has been turning out albums as if it were hotcakes.

Various Artists - Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions 1 (Glitterbeat Records)

For 'Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions 1' the Glitterbeat Records label invited a series of producers to give a number of songs from the Glitterbeat catalog a makeover.

I&I Livity - Evolution (Khanti Records/Socadisc)

'Evolution' is the long player debut of I&I Livity, a band from Dax, a small town in Landes, a region in the southwest of France.

Martin Zobel & Soulrise - Keep Planting Seeds (Irievibrations Records/Grooveattack)

We already announced this new album by Martin Zobel & Soulrise a few months ago, when the band wanted to put the crowdfunding campaign for 'Keep Planting Seeds' in the spotlight with the release of their 'Inspiration' EP.

Various Artists - United As One (Dubkey/Dub-O-Phonic)

For the more than aptly titled 'United As One', Dubkey joined forces with Dub-O-Phonic, a sister netlabel from Cyprus.

eSKAlation - Zukunftsmusik (Self-published)

The sound of eSKAlation, a nine-piece ska-punk band from Nuremberg in Germany, catapulted yours truly straight back to the 1980s, a time when the Berlin Wall was still firmly standing and being leftwing hadn't become an insult yet.

Marinah - El Baile De Las Horas (World Village/Harmonia Mundi/Montuno Productions)

For her solo debut Marinah (ex-Ojos de Brujo front woman Marina 'La Canillas' Abad) opted for an easily digestible sound she describes as world-pop.

Shades Of Black - Break Free (Sound Business)

Amateurs of roots reggae attending a dub party now and again will probably already be familiar with Paul Fox, but for others, the young singer/producer from the United Kingdom might still need an introduction.

Willi Williams - Unification: From Channel One To King Tubby's With Willi Williams & Yabby You (Shanachie)

The treasure troves of reggae music seem almost inexhaustible and 'Unification: From Channel One To King Tubby's With Willi Williams & Yabby You' is yet another never released gem from the nineteen seventies only true reggae freaks knew existed.

Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Up!! (Kingston Sounds)

In 1971 Jamaican duo Dave & Ansell Collins achieved immortality with 'Double Barrel', a song which in May of that year held the number one spot in the UK charts for two weeks straight.

Groundation - A Miracle (Soulbeats Records)

The red thread running through this new and relatively short (9 tracks) Groundation album is Bob Marley.

Jean McLean - Everlasting (Sugar Shack Records)

After the split of Sceptre in 1987, Jean 'Jeanus' McLean aka Reggaebaby still remained active in the music business: at first somewhat unsuccessfully with her own Foxy Lady label on which she released a number of singles, but in 2003 appeared there's finally 'I'm A Reggaebaby', a first album co-produced by Pato Banton.

The Touré-Raichel Collective - The Paris Session (Cumbancha)

Fortunately it doesn't occur often, but in the case of The Touré-Raichel Collective yours truly is definitely guilty of negligence.

Sceptre - Essence Of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley (Reggae Archive Records)

With Sceptre's 'Essence Of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley' by Sceptre, Reggae Archive Records saves another UK reggae gem from oblivion.

Various Artists - Next Stop... Soweto presents Spirit Of Malombo (Strut Records)

Subject of this double compilation album from the compilers of the 'Next Stop.

Sara Lugo - Hit Me With Music (Oneness Records/Grooveattack)

Sara Lugo's debut album ('What About Love', Oneness Records/Grooveattack 2011), unfortunately didn't reach us, but we can present you its successor 'Hit Me With Music'.

Lieve Hugo - Blaka Rosoe En Andere Poku's + Trafassi - Wasmasjien En Andere Poku's (Top-Notch Music/Universal)

Lieve Hugo (born Julius Theodorus Uiterloo), also known as the king of kaseko, Surinamese dance music derived from traditional Surinamese-Creole kawina-music, started his musical career as a member of the Centraal Koor of the Rust & Vrede church in Paramaribo and as a drummer (Hugo played the skratjie, a large bass drum with some cymbals attached to the top) for Sluisdam, but his real breakthrough didn't happen until he joined Orchestra Washboard.