Soapkills - The Best Of Soapkills (Crammed Discs)

Yasmine Hamdan currently lives in Paris where she focusses on a solo career, but at the end of the nineteen nineties together with Zeid Hamdan (no relation) the Lebanese singer formed Soapkills, Beirut's first indie band.

L'Chaim - Animal Bazaar (Self-published)

In the vibrant Dutch klezmer/gipsy scene where bands like Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Kalio Gayo, Balcony Players and Klavan Gadjé provide the entertainment, seven piece band L'Chaim (Hebrew for "cheers") is now also claiming its place.

Exile Di Brave - The Journey Begins (EDB Entertainment/Self-published)

The group of Jamaican artists that have become the face of the so-called "roots revival", keeps expanding.

Randy Valentine - Still Pushing EP (Hemp Higher Productions/Ariwa)

With this 'Still Pushing' EP Randy Valentine delivers an excellent successor to/for his debut effort 'Break The Chain'.

Chouk Bwa Libète - Se Nou Ki La! (Buda Musique/Universal)

Chouk Bwa Libète (literally "trunk of the tree of freedom", a reference to a quote by general and leader of the Haitian revolution Toussaint Louverture: "By toppling me they only knocked down the trunk of the tree of freedom of black people; it will grow again from its roots, for they are deep and numerous.

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Message From The Other Side (Crosstown Rebels)

Those in the mood for an intoxicating piece of music should definitely check out 'Message From The Other Side' by English DJ and producer Damian Lazarus.

Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds - Sounds Of Life (Blue Mountain/Musicast Distribution)

Four-piece band Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds from Lyon is the latest addition in France's ever expanding reggae landscape.

Revival - Guidance (Roots Musician Records)

Granted, Revival sounds more like the name of a Christian-inspired rock band, but this is definitely is a reggae outfit from San Diego.

Terakaft - Alone/Ténéré (Out Here Records)

For 'Alone/Ténéré' Tuareg band Terakaft ("the caravan") joined forces with producer Justin Adams who infused their music with more of a rock vibe.

Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline - The Kingston Session (Rootdown Records)

As the title suggests, for 'The Kingston Session', Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline travelled to Jamaica, where they rerecorded a number of songs from Sturm's catalogue at the Harry J Studio.

Den Ojo - In 't Zwart (Self-published)

Den Ojo (born Johan Ojo), a singjay of Belgian-Nigerian descent, began his musical career with Dilbeek based sound system Heartbeat Movement and these days is a member of Belgian Massief.

The Nice Guys - Rude On Friday (Self-published)

This first long player by Ghent based ska collective The Nice Guys was actually already announced for 2014, but didn't see the light until the beginning of this year.

Ti'Jips - J'fais Ma Part (Keyzit/Self-published)

In all honesty we have to confess never having heard of Ti'Jips, a French singer with Martinican roots, with 'J'fais Ma Part' already presenting his second long player.

Niyorah - Rising Sun (Denkenesh Records)

The fact the U.

Prezident Brown - The Journeyman EP (Tower Production/Sound Killaz Music/Zojak World Wide)

For this 7 track 'The Journeyman' EP, Prezident Brown for a second time (in 2012 there was already the similar 'Do Thy Work' EP) joined forces with Sound Killaz Music, the production company of Matthew Radics and Jordan Rivah, the two sons of Jack Radics.

Christopher Martin - Steppin Razor EP (VP Records)

It's been ten years since Christopher Martin claimed victory in the 2005 edition of Digicel Rising Stars.

Dawjah & Wicked Band - Wadada EP (Keep The Fayah Burning)

'Wadada' is the logical sequel to 'Light Of Hope', Dawjah & Wicked Band's 2013 debut EP.

John Life - Fly Away EP (Soundalize It! Records)

The fun (and interesting) thing about the reggae genre is that it continues to bring together like-minded souls from all over the world.

Djeli Moussa Condé - Womama (Buda Musique/PolyChrone)

As the cover picture already beautifully illustrates, 'Womama' (roughly translated "I salute you"), the successor to 'Djeli', the album debut of Guinean kora-player Djeli Moussa Condé, is meant as a tribute to the African continent.

Mbongwana Star - From Kinshasa (World Circuit)

Envy and jealousy are rarely good counselors and drove a wedge between the different members of Staff Benda Bilili.