The Heptones - Sweet Talking (Heartbeat)

The combination Heptones-Studio 1 is just about synonymous with the best music Jamaica has ever produced.

Cocoa Tea - Tune In (Greensleeves)

Re-issue of the early 1990s album classic Cocoa Tea recorded for Fatis Burrell's Xterminator label.

Ras Shiloh - Coming Home (VP Records)

It had been a while since we last heard from Ras Shiloh. He now returns with 'Coming Home', an album produced by Bobby Digital that sounds like a logical sequel to 'From Rasta To You'.

Pretcheldave - Chai's Ready (Same Same Productions)

Reggae and dub meets Asian vibes, that's how one could summarize this debut album by Pretcheldave, a singer of Portuguese descent living in Brussels.

Natural Black - Jah Guide (Greensleeves)

'Jah Guide' is already Natural Black's second album for the Greensleeves label in as many years, and where predecessor 'Far From Reality' sounded a bit corny at times, 'Jah Guide' rather resembles Black's debut album 'Spiritual Food'.

Junior Murvin - Inna De Yard (Makasound)

We already announced this umpteenth release in Makasound's Inna De Yard series and this set by Junior Murvin by no means disappoints.

Kajeem - Positif (Heartbeat Europe/Rounder)

'Positif' is the debut album of Ivorian reggae revelation Kajeem.

Da'Ville - On My Mind (VP Records)

Just as dancehall keeps flirting with the American hip-hop scene, lovers rock releases are getting more and more r&b infused.

Capital Letters - Headline News (Greensleeves)

From its release in 1979, Capital Letters' 'Headline News' has been one of the bestselling albums in the Greensleeves catalog.

Horace Andy + Sly & Robbie - Livin' It Up (Taxi/Discograph)

For 'Livin' It Up' Horace Andy decided to join forces with the irreplaceable riddim twins Sly & Robbie.

Marcia Griffiths - Reggae Anthology: Melody Life (VP Records)

With 'Melody Life' VP Records is finally releasing a new album in their Reggae Anthology series (the previous one, Garnet Silk's 'Music Is The Rod', dating from 2004).

Yellowman - Most Wanted (Greensleeves)

For this second release in their Most Wanted series the Greensleeves label compiled the biggest hits of the king of the dancehall: Yellowman!

Lieutenant Foxy - Dub & Vocals In My Central Station (Soulbeats Records/Nocturne)

Bit of an unbalanced album, this 'Dub & Vocals In My Central Station'.

Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train (Greensleeves)

With only three extra tracks, this re-release of the legendary album by Clint Eastwood and General Saint is a more modest effort by the Greensleeves label.

Zilverzurf - West Eastern Impressions (Lola's World)

"Reggae, but not as we know it!", that's how one could summarize 'West Eastern Impressions'.

Wailing Souls - Most Wanted: Classic Cuts 1978 - 1984 (Greensleeves)

We will repeat it until you tire of reading it: "This year the Greensleeves label celebrates its thirtieth birthday!" and of course an anniversary like that calls for the necessary re-releases! As the first installment of a new series entitled 'Most Wanted', 'Classic Cuts 1978 - 1984' is a sort of 'Best Of' compilation of the work of Wailing Souls.

Various Artists - Rub-A-Dub Soldiers (Makasound)

At first glance this seems like an in-between release by the Makasound label, but for those willing to give it a bit more attention, this compilation offers some gems from the rub-a-dub era of the early nineteen eighties.

Jah Mason - Life Is Just A Journey (Nocturne)

To those who've listened to Anthony B's most recent effort 'Higher Meditation', 'Life Is Just A Journey' should sound quite familiar.

Gras¿as - Doe Dat Dan! (Self-published)

Apart from Campina Reggae there's still another band playing their own version of Dutch reggae: Gras¿as! And yet, the big difference between Campina Reggae and Gras¿as still lies in the language used.

Chuck Fenda - The Living Fire (Greensleeves)

Yours truly has to admit not having paid much attention to Chuck Fenda's debut album 'Better Days', back in 2004. The release of successor 'The Living Fire' was preceded by the smear campaign surrounding 'Gash Dem'; the song was banned in Jamaica and subsequently became a cult hit.