On August 4th of this year the Cypriot village of Pomos hosted the Reggae Sunjam festival for the third time, and just like last year, the organization provided a downloadable accompanying soundtrack that can serve as a souvenir, but also holds its grounds as a regular compilation. In the track list a mix of producers and artists who played this year's edition of the festival (Blend Mishkin - Greece, Hermit Dubz - UK, Supernova - Cyprus, Bunfyah - Cyprus) or played one of the previous editions (Med Dred - Cyprus, Dub Riots - Greece), and friends/sympathizers of the event (Daddy Vertigo - Greece, Utopian Sound - UK, Sunjaman - Greece), Manwel T - Malta). It results in a varied track list featuring the following personal favorites: 'Last Chance Riddim' by Hermit Dubz, featuring Christina Polycarpou's traditional lyra (a pear-shaped three-string bow instrument), 'Zoogie Bun', a successful ganja tune by Med Dred featuring UK artist Kyri Roots on vocals, 'Herbsman', another ganja tune, this time over Blend Mishkin's Red Eye riddim and with Gambian Dark Angel, formerly known as Mowty Mahlyka, on vocals, and our personal favorite, Sista Ruby's raggamuffin in 'Think And Wanda', a song that took us right back to the heyday of Musical Youth. Perfect compilation to end the summer with!