Fans of a good solid bass sound, energetic tunes and militant lyrics, should definitely check out 'Tuff Like Iron', the second album by French soundman and producer Iron Dubz. Romain Bogard, as the man is called in real life, started his production work back in 2010 with a number of vinyl releases on his own Iron Dubz label. In 2017 he released his debut album 'Sound Addict' which featured Donovan Kingjay, Tenor Youthman, Mr. Williamz and Blackout JA. With this release Iron Dubz wanted to convey the energy of his live sets and he certainly succeeded in doing so. Some tracks even sounded a bit too sturdy to our taste (the title track featuring Queen Omega, closing track 'Bun Babylon' featuring a Daddy Freddy in overdrive), but recommendations from the track list are definitely opener 'In The Beginning' featuring the thundering voice of Oku Onuora (a song that could just as well have come from his last album 'I've Seen'), '400 Years', a delicious instrumental featuring Matic Horns' trombone in the leading role, King Kong, who with 'Serious Time' seems to have written the perfect theme tune to capture the mood of the current corona crisis (and the accompanying 'Misinformation' featuring French MC Cookah), and finally 'Ganja Haffi Burn', a straightforward ganja tune by Stranjah Miller and Nicky Silk. Recommended listening for those with a strong constitution and a penchant for literally being blown away!