'African Artist In America' is a compilation album allowing a number of African artists residing in the US to present themselves to the rest of the world. Certainly not all tracks on this collection can convince: for the songs by Ghanaian Kofi Kapitano we advise you use the skip button and the productions by Gambian Sholah Lewis also couldn't convince yours truly. The contributions by Ebeny Armstrong, an artist from Cameroon, don't really fall in the reggae or dancehall category. With 'Beguell', a song for which he used a riddim we immediately recognized from Natty King's '(Call) Jah Name'), Papis Brian signs for the most recognizable track on the album. We were most taken with the tracks by Sierra Leonean Papa Cee (born James Campbell). All in all, a not very memorable compilation that probably won't linger for long.