It has taken a long time, but after years of efforts in both the hip-hop and reggae scene, Manuel Istace aka Uman is now finally ready for his crowning achievement in the form of an album. Uman made some very personal choices where the production of 'L'Aventure C'Est L'Aventure' is concerned; the album is completely French-spoken and musically you can't quickly classify the tracks as pure reggae or hip-hop. The prominence of the accordion ('184 Centim√®tres', 'On Revient De Tout', 'Icare') is a nod to French chanson and the soukous-vibes on 'Comme On A Dit' are an ode to the Brussels-Congolese Matonge district where Uman spent a large part of his childhood. 'L'Aventure C'Est L'Aventure' isn't a party album either, for that it sounds a tad too serious. Uman has clearly matured and this album brings us right to the heart of his daily life and thoughts, making it far from uninteresting.