With Talco, Kasba Music serves up a solid chunk of Italian ska-punk. The six-piece band from Marghera near Venice cites The Clash, Ska-P and especially Mano Negra as their main sources of inspiration and specializes in songs with a strong anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist message. We're not entirely sure, but album title 'Silent Town' might well be a nod to the historic city center of Venice; during the day, a bustling metropolis in which thousands of tourists try to find their way, but at night a silent and deserted place. 'Silent Town' wasn't quite our cup of tea, but if you like high energy music with a clear message, do give these Italian ska-punks a chance.

On their 2012 long player 'Al Borde De La Ruta', Microguagua's reggae-vibes could still convince, but successor 'Grandhotel Cosmopolis' wasn't able grab our attention for the entirety of the album; a double shame when you know this records only counts nine tracks! The exact reason why we couldn't immediately pinpoint, but on 'Grandhotel Cosmopolis' we missed the cheerful vibe 'Al Borde De La Ruta' did offer. Instead the songs on 'Grandhotel Cosmopolis' were given more of a rock vibe, but that only results in a monotonous-sounding whole.