Intriguing album this 'A Matter Of Scale', the second long player by Breton trio Stand High Patrol. In fact, the threesome Rootystep, MacGyver and Pupajim succeed in combining meditative jazzy arrangements (opening track 'Tempest', 'Geography', 'Sleep On It'...) with sturdy UK steppers and dub influenced tracks ('No Matter How Long It Takes', 'Warehouse', 'The Bridge', 'The Tunnel') and even a lone hip-hop beat ('Blue Wax'); a style they baptized dubadub. Our favorite from the track list is 'Overloaded Truck', a lyrical and autobiographical (in 2000 Stand High Patrol started out as a sound system) day in the life of a sound system operator. In closure, we'd like to add that for the cover illustration of the album the band opted for a work by Kazy Usclef an artist living and working in Nantes. Yet another French band to keep an eye on!