Even though it had already been since 2017 that we'd seen an album release by Berlin MC Longfingah, Hagen Rockahr, as the man's known in real life, still regularly appeared on releases of befriended artists and producers. But with 'The Longfingah Attack' we're finally presented with a new EP. 

For this production, Longfingah joined forces with R.Esistence In Dub, an Italian dub band from Udine, who left the mixing and mastering in the capable hands of Italian master Paolo Baldini. 

It resulted in two so-called "extended versions", with the dub/instrumental simply following the vocal version, two vocal cuts and as many dubs. And even though we certainly don't want to detract from Longfingah's vocal abilities (on the contrary), it are still Baldini's dub versions that are the icing on the cake on 'The Longfingah Attack' (with a special mention for Pierre 'Dr. P.E.'. Chemist's melodica and Zen-I's trumpet). 

As for Longfingah, he certainly hits the mark with opener 'Anybody Out There', a true cry of distress in these dark times depriving us of social contacts, asking: "I want to know, is anybody out there who feels the same?". We don't doubt that for a second... Goosebumps! In 'Speculator', Longfingah rightly criticizes the ever-increasing gentrification in most European metropolises, caused by speculators and project developers who put their own profit above the livability of the neighborhoods in question and certainly that of the inhabitants. Lonfingah concludes with 'Warning', at the same time a ganja tune and a dubplate for R.Esistence In Dub. 

With 'The Longfingah Attack', Longfingah once again proves to be the uncrowned king of German rub-a-dub and the combination with R.Esistence In Dub and Paolo Baldini is a sure fire hit!