Musically speaking, for the time being Texas may still mostly be known as the Mecca of country and Tejano music, but the American state is also home to a budding reggae scene. Only a few months ago, the Roots Musician Records label presented 'Not Afraid', Th3rd Coast Roots' debut EP, and now E.N. Young does the same for Proof Of Life, a six-piece band from Corpus Christi. On this 'Free You Mind' EP, 5 vocal cuts (ranging from dubby opener and title track 'Free Your Mind', over 'Island Vibes', a love tune in duet with the Ghanaian American Kwamevi, to ganja-tune 'Ganja') and 2 dubs. The combination of the guitars of Brad Berkefelt, Carlos Salinas and Eric Tamez with the trombone of Thomas D. Hille, the trumpet of the aforementioned Carlos Salinas and especially the flute of Cecilia C. Rich is really infectious and combined with the two closing dubs - once again excellent work by E.N. Young - that results in a great first calling card!