Pablo Raster is an Italian dub maker from Spoleto, a town located between Perugia and Rome, who's been in the game for nearly two decades now. Raster recently moved to Poland, where, in his brand new studio in Wroclaw, he recorded 'Dub Addicted', a title leaving little to the imagination. With that in mind, it's of course no coincidence Polish reggae veteran Maken introduces the album. But he is far from the only guest on 'Dub Addicted'; the 15 song track list, apart from the intro, consisting of 7 vocals cuts and as many dubs/instrumentals/versions, features established artists like Dan I Locks (the excellent anthem 'Must Flip'), Don Fe (the enchanting flute driven riddim of 'Must Version', the dub-instrumental to the aforementioned 'Must Flip', and our absolute favorite from the track list), Fikir Amlak, Yugo Taguchi and Sandro Paradisi (closing track 'Step By Version', downright impressive accordion dub), but also newcomers like Polish Jakub Selassie (the infectious 'Chant Down Babylon'), Weedax (Spain), and Armin, Juniah Kinky and Pirutz (all hailing from Italy). Those last two sign for 'What A Hit' and the melodica-dub of 'What A Dub', two other highlights from the track list. 'Dub Addicted' has a predominantly UK steppers vibe, so will probably appeal mostly to sound system amateurs and dubheads.