Ogun Afrobeat is a Spanish afrobeat project around Nigerian drummer Akindimeji Onasanya. The band's name refers to the Yoruba god or orisha of war and metals. Ogun Afrobeat may present itself as being an a afrobeat project, on 'Koko Iroyin' (loosely translated: "the main thing"), featuring 9 original songs and one cover version of Fela's 'Open & Close', in addition to other Nigerian genres like apala and fuji, also influences from genres like highlife, funk ('Noah's Dance' featuring Aqeel on vocals), West African music ('Resurrection' featuring Seydina Mboup on vocals) and Moroccan gnawa ('Afromaghreb' featuring Mohammed El Bouzidi and Bilal Artiach on banjo, krakebs, gimbri and vocals) can be heard, with vocalists alternating between Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin English, Spanish ('Open & Close' featuring Frank T on vocals), Wolof and Arabic. Our personal favorites from the track list are the aforementioned 'Resurrection', 'Olofofo', in which the psychedelically jazzy sounding organ of Juan Carlos 'Chavi' Ontoria competes with the horn section made up by Pablo Hernandez Ramos (alto saxophone), Daniel Niño (baritone saxophone) and Frank David Santiuste (trumpet), and 'Aye', again because of Chavi's P-funk style keyboard-outro. Spanish afrobeat with a distinctive vision and sound.