A few years ago yours truly stumbled on Prince Malachi's 'Jah Light', released on the Heartbeat Europe label and it's once again the Heartbeat Europe boys who are introducing us to Nazarenes: brothers Noah Isac and Medhane Tewolde, two Ethiopian Rastafarians living in Norway. On their second album, 'Songs Of Life', they bring a mix of new roots ('Song Of Love', 'Song Of Righteous Life', 'Song Of Liberation'), UK steppers ('Song Of Judgement Day', 'Song Of Creation', 'Song Of Consoling') and almost authentic sounding - names like The Spinners, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes spring to mind - seventies soul ('Song Of Mary Jane', 'Song Of Mother Earth', 'Song Of Memories'). Not everyone will love this mix of styles, but one should at least note the tight production of the tracks on 'Songs Of Life' (also the work of a of a Tewolde, Adhanom this time). Great discovery and an album yours truly will enjoy for some time to come.