Yours truly was highly impressed by 'Beauty For Ashes', the collaborative effort between Midnite and I Grade Records which/that appeared earlier this year, so we were definitely looking forward to 'Ride Tru' for which Vaughn Benjamin & co joined forces with Tippy Alfred once again. If 'Beauty For Ashes' was intended to appeal to a wider audience, then it seems for 'Ride Tru' Midnite refocused on itself. Gone are the many guests of the previous album (the only one remaining is Pressure on 'I Beseech JAH') and instead we're offered the somewhat subdued roots of Zion I Kings in combination with an ever oracling Vaughn Benjamin. 'Ride Tru' is the remarkable proof the same team of people can create two completely different albums in the span of a good year. Notable songs from the track list are 'To Ge Da', Benjamin's declaration of love to Jah, that just as well could have been an "ordinary" love song, 'Voices Of The Remnancy', for which a Tuvan throat singing sample was used, and finally 'Worry Free', for which a production by the legendary Augustus Pablo was recycled, of course providing the track with a nice vintage touch. A special mention should also go to 'How I & I Carry On', a song that because of the presence of Lincoln 'Style' Scott on drums now takes on special meaning. Even though we have a slight preference for 'Beauty For Ashes', with 'Ride Tru' Midnite and I Grade again deliver an outstanding piece of work.