Very occasionally the musical knowledge of yours truly still falls short, as it turns out 'Urban Mystic' is already Berlin based MC Longfingah's second long player ( his debut effort 'Cityopian Spirit' was already released in 2011). But we hadn't yet heard much more than a few collaborations with Zion Train, Dubmatix and iLLBiLLY HiTEC. That did not prevent Longfingah from immediately being able to convince us with this album though. Right from opener 'Raggamuffin Yute' until closing track 'Cool Down Dub' Longfingah had our undivided attention. The one time that sounds like a solid UK stepper ('Raise A Voice', 'Head Up' feat. Tribuman, 'Infinity'), the other like catchy ragga ('Rocking Time'), rub-a-dub (title track 'Urban Mystic') or dancehall ('Make Love Not War'), and for 'Jah Bless' and 'Wiggle & Wine' feat. Steppa Style, Longfingah even goes dubstep. For 'Urban Mystic', Longfingah collaborated with producers like aDUBta, Max Powa, Aldubb, Dreadsquad and King Toppa, and apparently took all the time he needed, as some songs in the track list already date back to 2014 (but were given a makeover for the album). Our favorites from the track list are 'Terror Dem Spread', a duet with Michael Fabulous featuring the great chorus: "What dem a try fi reach and what dem a try fi get mi wonder why di whole a dem get sick inna dem head, should praise the Most High, but terror dem spread!", and 'Anybody Out There', in which Longfingah wonders if anyone else could be feeling the same way. Top album by an absolute top talent!