Little Harry, nicknamed 'The Youngest Veteron', may have started deejaying in 1979, apart from 'DJ Clash Volume 2', a 1983 combination-album with the late Billy Boyo, his output was limited to hit singles like 'Anarexol Body', 'Long Time Ago' and 'Jessat Promotion'. Until now that is, because since Little Harry joined forces with Swiss High Smile Hifi (producer Icky Top and selectors Kebilli and Pappa Irie), things suddenly gained momentum. In 2014 'Hard Life', a first 7inch, already appeared on their Top Smile Records label, immediately followed by 'No Friend Ah Dem' the following year, and now there's 'Youngest Veteron', finally earning the Saint Thomas deejay a first album to his name. For this album, the Swiss used every means at their disposal to make it sound like a forgotten digital dancehall classic from the nineteen eighties. But appearances also matter, so the album sleeve was also given the look of a nineteen eighties-LP, and for 'No Friend Ah Dem' even a video in pure retro style was shot! Top tracks: title track 'Youngest Veteron', the great 'Kingston City', 'Ghetto Vipers', a combination with Sammy Gold, and finally 'Reggae I Love You'. Eighties galore and you'll wanna hear more!