On 'The Ravished Bride', Kočani Orkestar's third long player for the Crammed label, the Macedonian Gypsy brass band proves that they are still the funkiest of all Romani bands. Thematically, the album is the perfect successor to 'Alone At My Wedding': marriage and all that comes with it remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration ('But Katili', 'Gelum Ko Bijav'). Producers Stephane Karo (Divano Production) and Vincent Kenis (Congotronics, Kasai Allstars, Konono N°1...) wouldn't have been themselves however, if they hadn't introduced some new elements in the form of the addition of a drummer and some guitarists (Uri Kinrot of Balkan Beat Box and Vincent Kenis himself) giving some songs a surf vibe ('Sahara Dreams') and exploring new musical horizons ('La Llorona', a Mexican classic) in others.