At first glance Kings And Comrades may sound like yet another Rebelution clone, but musically the band sounds a lot less poppy and more rootsy than the aforementioned icons of Californian surf-reggae. The project originally started as an acoustic duo consisting of singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff McCaughey and drummer/percussionist Steve Morris, but has since grown into a full-fledged six-piece band with an excellent horn section (Frank and Rick Rein). The track list of 'On My Way' mainly consists of lighthearted love songs like 'Caught Up', 'Love You Right' or 'Not Even Time', but front man Jeff McCaughey is a self-declared amateur of lovers rock, so for once there's a valid excuse. For two tracks ('Run Around In Circles' and 'Not Even Time') the band invited Ryan Leimkuhler, a singer-songwriter from Orange County who normally plays folk, blues and Americana, but is also Jeff's cousin and has in fact been the unofficial seventh member of Kings And Comrades for several years now, and in 'Ease Your Mind', a song about the comforting and healing qualities of reggae (and together with the aforementioned 'Not Even Time' our favorite from the track list), Roots Musician Records producer E.N. Young's melodica can also be heard. The sleeve image of 'On My Way' immediately reminded yours truly of Through The Roots' 2013 album 'Take You There'. No coincidence, as it turns out, because both cover illustrations were done by Texan (live) artist Christopher Morphis.