'Smile', Junior Kelly's previous release for VP Records left yours truly somewhat indifferent. Besides the strong eponymous title track it basically offered more of the same. Two years on, Keith Morgan seems to have pondered on the tracks for 'Tough Life' with a little more intensity. This results in a strong and coherent album that seems to contain something to everyone's taste. There are the hits 'Blaze', 'The More I See Her' and 'Tough Life' (on the riddim of Johnny Osbourne's 'Truths And Rights'), but for yours truly it was above all 'Love You Like That', a duet with J.C. Lodge and really just a refreshed version of her megahit 'Someone Loves You Honey' (a song even people who know nothing of reggae will recognize), that stood out. Till further notice yours truly keeps looking forward to each new Junior Kelly release!