Anyone who has already attended a Hollie Cook concert will undoubtedly have seen General Roots at work, but the band also stands its ground on its own as they prove with last year's 'Showcase' EP, of which a dub version is now also released. The five-piece band from London already proved their worth with their 2013 debut EP 'The First Attack' and 2016 'Walk Tall' album, and on 'Showcase', for which the band took to the London Carvery Studio, they do exactly what's on the label: showcase what they stand for and where their strengths lie in four songs. The EP opens with 'Hardcore Vibes', for which General Roots used a sample from the nineties song of the same name by German happy hardcore and rave band Dune, and turned it into a party starter of a reggae version. 'Miss Something' is a wonderful break-up tune and also 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now' can be considered as the positive credo of the band, but is actually another excellent love tune. This 'Showcase' EP is also the musical testament of Samuel Stevenson Matthew aka The Minister, as 'In Stroke Of Luck' you can still hear the voice of the Antiguan veteran who passed away in November of last year, and together with Freddie Bado aka Field Marshal Fred formed the vocal team of General Roots. With 'Showcase In Dub' General roots now also provide four excellent dubs of the aforementioned tracks. Absolute discovery and a UK band that deserves to step out of Hollie Cook's shadow. Recommended listening!