Gasper Nali is a singer-songwriter from Malawi and with 'Abale Ndikuwuzeni' ("people, let me tell you") is presenting his long player debut. Nali lives in Nkhata Bay, a village on the shore of Lake Malawi, where he made a living entertaining tourists at a nearby resort. For his music Gasper uses a babatoni, a homemade one snared bass guitar with a three meter long neck. Yours truly couldn't help but think of a Malawian version of Seasick Steve or, perhaps even more, Jamaican Brushy One String. Stylistically Nali's funky and cheerful sounding songs reminded us somewhat of South African township jive or mbaqanga. But don't be fooled, Nali's music may sound cheerful, in his song Nali isn't afraid to tackle serious issues; like in title track 'Abale Ndikuwuzeni' for example, in which he talks about the numerous forced child marriages in his country. Wither the lyrics are serious or not, dance you shall. Discovery!