Last year E.N. Young surprised us with a number of excellent releases on his Roots Musician Records label and with 'Live Love Stay Up' he's now finally stepping into spotlight himself. The Tribal Seeds keyboardist seems to have pulled out all the stops for this album as it's presented as a triptych, containing the original album and an acoustic and dub version, immediately reminding yours truly of Rebelution's 2013 'Peace Of Mind' release. Of course, Maad T-Ray and Gonzo, Young's band mates in Tribal Seeds, could not be absent and Ooklah the Moc, Kali Navales and Father Psalms also pop up in the track list. Just the once we recognized a classic riddim, as for title track 'Live' Young recycled the Swing Easy riddim. Those who know Tribal Seeds or appreciated Gonzo's 'Red', will surely enjoy this small masterpiece from the hands of the producer behind Roots Musician Records, though it should be said because of the frequent use of the melodica a certain predilection for the instrument wouldn't go amiss.