In 2014, the English-Barbadian dub and reggae guru Dennis Bovell already collaborated a first time with Glitterbeat Records for their 'Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions 1' compilation, and now Bovell's new long player, 'Dub 4 Daze', also appears on the same label. As for the 2012 'Mek It Run' compilation (Pressure Sounds), Dennis searched his archives for 'Dub 4 Daze' and eventually came up with the 10 tracks he remixed for this album which will only appear on vinyl. The list of collaborating musicians we found in the credits of 'Dub 4 Daze' (Aswad's Drummy Zeb and Tony Gad, Michael 'Bammy' Rose, Jah Bunny, Caron Wheeler, Kofi, Bevin Fagan and John Kpiaye of Matumbi, Matic Horns...) is also downright impressive and without hesitation we consider 'Dub 4 Daze' a future classic.