Nigerian singer Dede Kay has been part of the Belgian reggae scene and now finally also presents this self-titled EP. Dede started her career in her homeland, where, not opting for popular local genres like afrobeat, highlife or juju but Jamaican reggae and dancehall, she collaborated with artists like Daddy Showkey or Ras Kimono. In 2004 Dede came to Belgium where she first fronted African Temptation for a while before focusing on her solo career again. And now there's finally this self-titled 5 track debut EP. Like with the optical illusion on the cover of the EP, Dede also seems to want to wrong-foot her listeners with her songs: opener 'Babylon' starts out as a roots lament, but suddenly changes pace, the meditative roots song 'Hail Jah' reminded yours truly of girl duo Althea & Donna, for 'Original Love' Kay goes ska and closing track 'Love You' is the kind of tongue in cheek naughtiness we've come to expect from Tanya Stephens. Fun and varied calling card.