For last year's 'Rasta Will Be There' EP, Da Fuchaman joined forces a first time with Reggae Livication Records and for his new long player 'Papa Jolly' he once again collaborated with the French label. As the album title suggests, Fuchaman dedicated this album to his father, with the eponymous title track this time not a mama- but a papa-tune. In the track list diving this time also a number of guests on: veterans from the UK scene like Tippa Irie and Deadly Hunta, but also Blackout Ja, like Da Fuchaman, a Jamaican migrant based in Bristol trying his luck in the UK. The dancehall of 'Hot Girls', the duet with Tippa Irie, was not really to our taste, but 'Wi Nuh Watch People' featuring Deadly Hunta and 'Glory To Jah' with Blackout Ja distinctly sounding like Buju Banton, are two of the highlights on 'Papa Jolly'. Other tracks on 'Papa Jolly' that deserve your attention include the energetic opener 'Babylon Falling', 'Reap What You Sow' and 'Fight For Your Right'. Solid new roots production!