The name Chiki Lora may not immediately ring a bell, but if we add that in the past he fronted Canteca De Macao, amateurs of Spanish mestizo should know what we're on about. With 'Ura' Lora is now presenting his second solo album, featuring a track list switching back and forth between reggae ('Consuelo', 'Cantame'), funk (opener 'Caminando', 'Los Chuchos'), salsa ('Por Hablar', a duet with Alejandro Gutierrez, front man of timba-ensemble Habana Abierta), flamenco (title track 'Tanguillo Del Ura', a collaboration with Maria Garcia, one half of flamenco-duo Aitor y Maria) and of course rumba catalana (closing track 'Alai', in which some Basque can also be heard). Chiki has been living in Amurrio, a village south of the Basque capital Bilbao, for several years now, and album title 'Ura' is Basque for "water", water that quenches the thirst, crystal clear, and the purer, the better. Easygoing poetic mestizo by a seasoned Spanish singer-songwriter.