Yours truly was not a big fan of Chezidek, but 'Inna Di Road' has changed things. 'Inna Di Road' is produced by Massive B's Bobby Konders and that seems to be a match made in heaven! Lovers of classic riddims can already look forward to this album, because Bobby Konders really went all out: 'Dem A Fight We' (Truths & Rights), 'Inna Di Road' (Warn The Nation), 'Vampire' (Declaration Of Rights), 'Far I' (Unchained), 'She Struggles' (Cuss Cuss) and finally Chezidek's big hit 'Leave The Trees' (Chapter A Day). Boom tune on the album is without any doubt 'Call Pon Dem', for which, as a bonus, you'll also find the video on this disc.