Veteran MC Brother Culture and Swiss producer team Evidence Music (Etienne Maitre and Nicolas Maitre from Derrick Sound, and Nicolas Meury from Little Lion Sound) got to know each other in 2013 and their collaborations have already resulted in a number of successful singles like 'Dreadlocks Thing', 'Heal Them' and 'New Generation'. Those singles were now bundled together with a series of new tracks for 'Code Name', an album tailored to the current sound system generation. The track list counts 10 tracks, supplemented with four solid dubs and one remix. Brother Culture immediately sets the tone with 'Jump Up On It', an infectious UK stepper that should become a guaranteed hit in the sound system scene. With recent events at Reggaebus still in mind, this release could hardly have come at a better time, as in his songs, besides the necessary wisdom, Culture also shares some home truths. In the heavy 'Dreadlocks Thing' Culture points out the fact that dreading up is not just a fashion statement, but an expression of your conviction as a Rastafarian. 'Follow Guys' is a warning to be on the lookout for a growing number of false prophets infiltrating the scene, who are in fact nothing more than mere pretenders, and 'Change Of Society'is more or less in the same vein. Finally, 'Heal Them', could become a mantra able to reunite the grieved dub scene after the regrettable facts at Reggaebus. Ready-made sound system killer!