With 'Everybody Watches No One Knows' Campine ska-phenomenon Bottle Of Moonshine already proved that with singer Hanne Peetermans they had added a serious asset to the band's line up and on 'Believe The Numbers' her voice is highlighted even more. For this long player Bottle Of Moonshine joined forces with Das Pop-guitarist Reinhard Vanbergen and head for the well-known Jet Studio in Brussels. Musically speaking Bottle Of Moonshine opted for a different for/on this album, as on 'Believe The Numbers' we mostly heard soul, surf and rock - occasionally even making us wonder if we were listening to a new Hooverphonic album - with ska and rocksteady being limited to tunes like 'Happiness In Boxes' and 'Mr. Grey'. We can't but wonder wither this musical shift won't alienate some of their fan base, but that being said, with 'Believe The Numbers', Bottle Of Moonshine have once again put out an excellent album. The only thing Bottle Of Moonshine has to watch out for is that it doesn't become "The Hanne Peetermans Band"!