Introducing Blick Bassy: singer-songwriter and rising afro-pop star. The music of Cameroonian Bassy can best be described as afro-bossa, a cross-pollination of Brazilian bossa nova, jazz and influences from West-African music. At times 'Léman' is even reminiscent of the music of Sting at the time of songs like 'Fragile' or 'They Dance Alone'. Bassy sings in his mother tongue Bassa, something he regards as a serious mission as in the last decades many of the African languages are in fear of disappearing. 'Léman' doesn't really offer festival music, but in the right setting, this should still guarantee an infectious concert. 'Léman' is the kind of album that, even on a drizzly morning, will put a smile on your face and that is certainly not a bad reference for a debut album.