Black Ship, interesting name for a reggae band, especially when you know the ship's crew are 6 Caucasian Parisians, who with this 6 track 'On The Sea' EP - each of the six tracks representing part of a boat trip - are presenting their studio debut. To get their original sound, blending reggae with hints from genres like surf, rock, rhythm-and-blues and soul, the band members prefer to use vintage material ranging from Leslie speakers, over old microphones and a 1963 Gibson amplifier to Farfisa organs (closing track 'Such A Love') and Lee 'Scratch' Perry's spring reverb. The reverb and surf guitars in opener 'The Park' (see also 'Looking Around') immediately set the tone for the rest of the tracks on the EP. Our personal favorite is 'Vampire On The Beach', that for some reason reminded us of Hollie Cook's work. For the sleeve design of the EP, Black Ship called on Elise Botrel, graphic designer and former bass player with Ailleurs Reggae. French band to keep an eye on!