For their second long player (the band rather considers this to be an "inbetweener"), the gentlemen of Black Flower took to the studio intended on recording an impressionistic, abstract and psychedelic session. The result had to sound like a radio station playing music coming straight from their soul. If you're finding this all to be a bit high-brow, we can add 'Ghost Radio' sounds just a tad less accessible than predecessor 'Abyssinia Afterlife', but still contains, albeit to a lesser degree, a number of highly enjoyable compositions based on the Ethiopian tradition. Be sure to check out 'Bones', with the washint of front man Nathan Daems in the lead role, the comparable 'Dust', or mesmerizing title track 'Radio Ghost'. That being said, 'Ghost Radio' also offers other influences. 'Quantum' immediately reminded yours truly of Ennio Morricone's legendary soundtrack for Sergio Leone's western masterpiece 'Once Upon A Time In The West', and the psychedelic vibe of 'Worshiper' sounds somewhat like a darker version of The Doors. Intriguing sound trip!