For the successor of 'Juguya', his long player debut full of steamy afrobeat and Afro-funk, Burkinabe Baba Commandant (Mamadou Sanou) opted for a more traditional approach in which the Mandingo guitar was given a central role. But don't worry, 'Siri Ba Kele' ('the long/wide road') still features 6 highly danceable tracks somewhere between Afro-funk and Mali-blues, including 'Keleya', a cover of classic by Moussa Doumbia (a Malian saxophonist, composer and arranger who, with his mix of West African music and American funk, was quite successful in nineteen seventies Ivory Coast); songs in which Baba Commandant's donso ngoni, Issouf Diabate's guitar and Sami Kimpe' balafon predominate, slowly but surely bringing the listener into a trance, with the almost ten minute long 'Siguisso' ("staying home") as the absolute highlight. With 'Siri Ba Kele', Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band once again guarantee a steaming West-African party!