The last Dub-O-Phonic release for this year is by label veteran DubRaJah, who with this 'Nilotic' EP continues along the path he'd already taken with 2014s 'Enkag' and 2017s 'Reprise'. DubRaJah is the musical alter ego of Sergey Gabbasov, a Russian ethnomusicologist, and with 'Nilotic' this time he decided to focus on the Nilotic peoples of East Africa. 'Nilotic' counts three tracks reminiscent of the oeuvre of African Head Charge. For opener 'Mji Mkongwe' ("old village" in Swahili) DubRaJah drew inspiration from the old city center of Zanzibar, also known as Stone Town, which for hundreds of years has been a melting pot of cultures from all around the Indian Ocean, ranging from Madagascar over Iran and Congo to Indonesia. 'Karamoja', the second track on 'Nilotic', refers to a region in north-east Uganda mainly inhabited by the Karamojong and Ik, semi-nomadic pastoralists. Gabbasov concludes with 'Bwindi', "impenetrable" in Runyakitara, and referring to a large primeval forest in southwest Uganda given the status of National Park as it houses a large part of the remaining mountain gorilla population. Previously, the forest was also home to the Twa Pygmies, but they were forced to move after their territory turned into a National Park. Beautiful balancing act between dub and traditional songs in Twa, Karamojong, Maa and Swahili.