Six years after their appropriately titled debut EP 'Revelation', Brussels based One Root with 'Soldiers Of Love', a title we (certainly in a Belgian context) thus far only associated with a very bad 1987 Eurosong contribution by Liliane Saint-Pierre, present a first full-fledged album. That being said, 'Soldiers Of Love' isn't an entirely new album, as One Root reworked four tracks from 'Revelation' ('Mr Farmer', 'Burn', 'This World' and 'Time Bomb') and also rerecorded 'Leave Dem Alone', a song from the period the band was still called Sunrockers. Still, when listening to those songs you certainly don't get the feeling of déjà vu. The band members of One Root have clearly taken their time to sharpen their sound, and for 'Soldiers Of Love' created 10 dubby roots gems. Yes, there's still the falsetto voice of front man Matt I, reminiscent of that of the late great Junior Murvin, but on 'Soldiers Of Love' the instrumentation was also put a lot more to the foreground. Top tracks: 'This World', with long dubby outro and percussion solo by Aziz 'As Ease' Tahri, 'Time Bomb', in which the horn section (Selim 'Miles' Boudraa - saxophone and Eddy Waleyn - trombone) stands out, the similar 'Don't Hurry', and 'The Future Of Mankind', sounding like a lovers rock tune, but in fact summarizing the content and message of One Root, a band concerned about the future of this planet and the people who have to live on it (again starring the percussion of As Ease and the trombone of Eddy Waleyn). Belgian top production!