Just under a year after the release of his 'Ease Off' EP, Kologne now presents the full-length 'A New Chapter' album, for which he recycled 5 tracks from the aforementioned EP and supplemented them with 9 "new" songs recorded between 2007 and 2018.

And once again Kologne has made frequent use of classic riddims. In the autobiographical 'Country Is My Place' (Kologne was born in Linstead in the Jamaican countryside) we recognized the Chi Chi Bud riddim, for 'Speak The Truth', a combination tune with Juicy Badness, an artist we weren't familiar with, he used the Gunman riddim, 'Jungle Out There' is an Xterminator production over the Weather Balloon riddim, 'Cops', featuring the Heavenless riddim, has a nineteen eighties vibe going, and another Xterminator production is 'Bad Weather' for which the late Fatis Burrell used the General riddim. In addition, 'Comprehend', an excellent combination with Turbulence and 'Music Will Live', both again Xterminator productions, are also definitely worth your attention. Excellent album with an unmistakable vintage vibe making yours truly long for more!