For 'Rootical Sojourn', Serbian trombonist Nemanja Kojić, better known as Hornsman Coyote, once again joined forces with London-based Palestinian composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Felix Russ Abu aka Dub Caravan, after they already collaborated together a first time in 2013 for 'Breathe Of Peace'. In the track list 16 instrumental tracks (with the exception of the opener 'Pon The Caravan', in which the voice of Hornsman Coyote can also be heard), divided between new compositions and four highly original covers of reggae classics 'Congoman' (The Congos), 'Running Away' (Bob Marley & The Wailers), 'None A Jah Jah Children' (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus), and 'I Love King Selassie' (Black Uhuru). We were most taken with what both gentlemen did with those last two classics (the flute versus trombone in 'I Love King Selassie' and xylophone versus trombone and oriental flute influences in 'None A Jah Jah Children'), but amongst the new material there are a number of compositions ('Meaning Of Life', 'Slow It Down', 'Dub It Down'...) that can easily compete with tracks from reggae-trombone masterpieces like Rico Rodriguez' 'Man From Wareika' or Matic Horns' 'Musical Storm'. Highly recommended instrumental reggae album!