With the DBC3 project, Dub Barn Collective from York in the north of England, heralds a new chapter. Dub Barn Collective was founded in 2010 as a ten-piece dub collective, but in 2019 was reduced to a trio consisting of Geeky Mouse (live dubbing, melodica, sitar, songwriter and producer), CJ Chi (percussion, vocals, songwriter and arranger) and Moz Magistar (live dub siren, samples, songwriter and arranger), shifting their focus slightly to a more electro-dub influenced sound. In that same year they joined forces with former hip-hop and jungle MC Dandy Dizzle for the first time, with whom they now recorded this five track (four self-produced ones and a closing dubby CBM aka Dub Defenders Remix of 'Lion Roar') COVID-19 pandemic-inspired 'Dub Barn Lockdown' EP. Dizzle has a parlando-like style, but on 'Dub Barn Lockdown' is flanked by vocalist Nikki H, a combination that seems to work wonderfully well. DBC3 is already working on a full-fledged album, but in the meantime 'Dub Barn Lockdown' serves as a nice calling card!